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 Alexander Majors - photo by Bruce Mathews (29)  2013-11-07+Power+Partners+Majors+Home+114_5_6_tonemapped DSC_0354 


The interior of the Alexander Majors House Museum is decorated in the style of the period and has an extensive collection of objects dating from 1830-1880. Rooms of interest include a reproduction period kitchen and Alexander Majors’ office, decorated with artifacts related to his shipping business. The Museum site also has a barn, built on the original footprint of a pre-existing barn, that contains a working blacksmith shop, gift shop, event rental space, and an authentic Conestoga Wagon.


The grounds of the Alexander Majors House Museum, although only a fraction of the original property, are open to the public. The grounds are the site of numerous museum events, craft fairs, weddings, reenactments, and other special events throughout the year. If you are interested in renting the barn or grounds, or would like to take photography on the property, please contact rentals@wornallmajors.org.

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The John Wornall House

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The Alexander Majors House & Barn

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Photo Credits: Jeri Adams, Sarah Bader-King, John Browning, and Bruce Mathews