Youth Field Trips

Wornall/Majors loves students! We offer a variety of field trip packages for multiple age ranges, group sizes, and curricula needs. Staff is happy to work with teachers, administrators, or youth leaders to shape a field trip to meet the organization’s needs. Whether you want to include primary sources, comparison, and contrast, or other curriculum standards, we can make it happen.

Ready to schedule? Contact Education Coordinator Sarah Goebel at or call 816-444-1858.

A Civil War Field Hospital

The John Wornall House was used as a field hospital by both Union and Confederate soldiers. Students will learn about the Wornall family and how the Civil War shaped their lives, hear about the daily life of a Civil War soldier, and examine artifacts from the battle. Depending on the age of students, guides can also discuss Missouri politics during the Civil War, the origins of the conflict, and the war’s impact on enslavement.

Location: John Wornall House

Nineteenth Century Life

Students will glimpse life on the frontier through the eyes of the people who lived on the Majors property. Hands-on activities such as frontier laundry or yarn dolls can bring up discussions of change over time, the growth of Kansas City, and how we learn about the past.

Location: John Wornall House or Alexander Majors House

A Journey Westward

Much of the United States is defined by the nation’s expansion west. Alexander Majors saw this and used the westward trails to build a shipping empire. His story encompasses why and how people traveled west as well as how fortunes were lost on the frontier.

Location: Alexander Majors House

Enslavement in Missouri

Enslavement can be a difficult topic to address in a classroom. Wornall/Majors staff is trained to discuss enslavement in Missouri in a sensitive way.  From the basics of what it means to be an enslaved person to the realities of the Border War Conflict, we are ready to help cover this hard history.

Location: John Wornall House

Spanish Language Tour

A retired high school Spanish teacher leads this tour of the John Wornall House in Spanish. It is a wonderful opportunity for students whose first language is Spanish to learn about 19th Century Missouri. It is also a wonderful chance for those learning Spanish to test out their skills in a new environment.

Location: John Wornall House

Other Topics

  • Sustainability on the Frontier
  • Victorian Customs
  • Kansas City History
  • Gold Rush
  • Behind the Scenes at a Museum 
  • Bleeding Kansas/Border War
  • Pony Express

Looking for something else? Just let us know. We are happy to help cover topics, from STEAM to art to English. See how our trips fit into Missouri and Kansas State Standards.

Cost options

House tour only ($5 per person)

Enjoy a one-hour tour of either the John Wornall or Alexander Majors House. This option is ideal for groups with limited time as well as college or high school groups. 

Themed field trip ($8 per student, chaperones free)

Choose a thematic field trip package! All packages include a house tour and specially crafted activities meant to enhance the curriculum and immerse students in a particular topic.


  • Wornall/Majors typically accommodate groups of 10 to 60 students. Larger groups are welcomed with plenty of advanced notice.
  • One adult chaperone for every 10 students is preferred but not required.
  • Groups are welcome to enjoy lunch on our grounds.
  • If you need assistance paying for your field trip the K-12 coordinator can help you explore options.
  • Bus parking is available at the Alexander Majors House. For the John Wornall House, street parking may be available. Other parking is available at the nearby Brookside shopping area.
  • Staff can also provide a trip primer to help prepare classrooms for their visit to the museum.

Ready to schedule? Contact Education Coordinator Sarah Goebel at or call 816-444-1858.

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