Event Rentals – FAQ

Is alcohol allowed in the barn?

Yes – alcohol can be served, but not sold. In order to have alcohol at your event, a bartender licensed in the state of Missouri must serve ALL alcohol, including but not limited to wine, beer, champagne, or hard liquor. Security is required for all events involving alcohol. Security is $130 for the last 3 hours of your event. Security is provided by off-duty Kansas City, MO police officers.

What about smoking?

The Alexander Majors House Museums is a non-smoking facility. Attendees may smoke in the parking lot, but all cigarette butts and other garbage must be picked up and deposited in the dumpster by the end of the event.

Is the barn heated and cooled?

Yes! Temperature control is available for all areas of the barn.

Which parts of the barn come with my rental?

Your rental includes use of the main barn area & loft, the wagon room, bridal suite, restrooms, and catering kitchen. You also have use of 30 folding tables, 140 folding chairs, and outdoor picnic tables and benches.

Do you provide linens (or other décor)?

The Majors Barn is a do-it-yourself venue, which allows us to keep our rental prices low. We provide tables and folding chairs – you can bring in food, drink, linens, and any other décor you wish without being required to use specific vendors. Your event will truly be one-of-a-kind! If you need help, we can offer a recommendation for a wedding planner who is familiar with our site.

How big is the barn loft?

The barn loft is 32′ x 26′. Six to eight of our folding tables can comfortably be accommodated in the loft, dependent on setup. See below for some examples of setup in this space.

barn loft collage

What are the dimensions of tables available?

Tables are standard 6′ x 2.5′ folding rectangular tables. They stand approximately 28.5″ tall. Rental of outside tables or chairs is allowed.

Can I use the Majors grounds for my event or set up a tent?

Yes! Your event rental includes use of the grounds. We also welcome tents, but require strict attention to our policies. Ask your rental coordinator for details!

What outdoor furniture is available?

We have 8 picnic tables (seats 6-8), 6 benches with backs (seats 3), and 10 benches with no back (seats 3). Outdoor furniture may be moved, but must be returned to its original location at the end of your rental.

Am I required to use your caterers or bartenders?

No – the Alexander Majors Barn prides itself on being a flexible venue that keeps our renters’ individuality and needs in mind. We do not require any specific vendors to be used. We are happy to make suggestions at your request.

Can I have candles at my event?

Open flame is not allowed, including candles, fireworks, bonfires, and any other similar items. The Alexander Majors House is a historic structure, and we want to preserve the house and grounds for all! Sterno flames are allowable when used for catering/food purposes.

What about set up and tear down for my event?

Set up and tear down needs to occur within your 10-hour rental period. If you think you will need additional time, you may purchase additional hours for $80/hour. If you need assistance with set up or tear down, we can recommend a wedding coordinator familiar with the barn who can assist you.

Can I have a rehearsal dinner or set up for my event in advance?

Yes – you may purchase additional hours for a rehearsal dinner, event setup, or other pre-rental events for $80/hour, dependent on availability.

Do you have A/V?

We have public Wi-Fi access and a projector screen. You are responsible for any laptops, projectors, speakers, or other technology for your event.

How much parking is available?

There are 44 spots available in our graveled/paved lot. This is typically enough parking for most of our renters. Overflow parking is available in the grass behind the lot, dependent upon weather.

Can the Alexander Majors House be open during my event?

If you would like the Majors House to be available for tours during your event, please discuss with your rental coordinator. The House can be opened for tours for an additional fee. A limited number of people are allowed in the House at one time. We can also open the House for portrait photography for a $100/hour fee. An additional agreement must be signed in advance. Details here.

barn majors collage

Where can I get ideas for setup and decorating?

Please visit our Pinterest or Facebook page for the best and most recent photos of the barn set up for a variety of events, including weddings and parties. We also have general decorating tips available on Pinterest.

barn decor collage

Have any additional questions? Email us at rentals@wornallmajors.org or call 816-444-1858.