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History At Home Kits

rachel-o3tIY5pIork-unsplashHistory at Home Kits give students a high-quality educational experience in the comfort of home. Kits include materials for four lessons carefully curated by Wornall/Majors staff. All kits also include a parent guide and a youth admission ticket ($5 value) to your choice of the John Wornall House or Alexander Majors House.

Kits Include:

Interacting with Our Environment
Lessons: Interacting with Our Environment, Plant Detectives, Wonderful Watersheds, Impacts of Pollution

A Civil War Field Hospital
Lessons: A Civil War Field Hospital, Reading Primary Sources, What Soldiers Ate, Civil War Medical Tools

Adventure with the Pony Express
Lessons: Pony Express Facts, Myths of the Pony Express, Finding Direction, Pony Express Map, Horse Bookmark

santi-vedri-O5EMzfdxedg-unsplashLife on the Frontier
Lessons: Frontier Settlement on the Missouri/Kansas Border, Tasks and Chores, Buffalo v. Bison, Yarn Dolls

Wild Wild West
Lessons: What was Westward Expansion? Using Primary Sources, Choose Your Own Adventure, Trail Landmarks

Arts & Crafts
Lessons: Thaumatrope, “Turtle Shell” Rattle, Family Crest, Corn Husk Dolls

Kits are just $10 and can be purchased online for in-museum or curbside pickup, or can be purchased at the Alexander Majors or John Wornall House during tour hours.

Some basic materials, like scissors or glue may be needed to complete some kits. Any materials needed will be listed in the full kit description.

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