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What You’ll See & Learn at the Majors House

DSC_0559The Majors House was built in 1856 and is one of the few surviving Kansas City homes from the Civil War era. The house originally served as the base of operations for Alexander Majors’ overland shipping company, Russell, Majors & Waddell. Majors was instrumental in the opening of the West, both because of his freighting companies, and his part-ownership of the Pony Express.

The Museum is set up as it might have been during the time Majors lived there and includes authentic period furnishings and artifacts relating to Majors’ life.

Visitors to the Alexander Majors House Museum will learn about many topics, including:

  • The shipping firm of Russell, Majors, & Waddell
  • Daily life in the mid-nineteenth century
  • The Pony Express
  • Westward expansion
  • Slavery at the Majors homestead and in Missouri

And more – tours at the Majors House are flexible and are crafted to fit the needs of the individuals on each tour. No two tours are exactly alike!

Wornall Majors House Museums
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The John Wornall House

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The Alexander Majors House & Barn

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Photo Credits: Jeri Adams, Sarah Bader-King, John Browning, and Bruce Mathews