Monthly Donations

Monthly donations provide critical support for Wornall/Majors that we know we can rely on!

Your monthly donation allows us to know how much donation revenue we can count on, and when we can count on it. This allows us to spend more time focusing on reaching the community and providing free or low cost public programs for youth and adults. And you can spread out your charitable giving into smaller, easier-to-pay amounts!

How It Works

Simply click on the “Donate” button below, choose your amount to give monthly, and make sure that you select the “donate monthly” option before entering your details. It’s that simple!

There’s no tricky cancellation policies – you can manage your giving through your monthly giving receipt, or call us at any time if you’d like to cancel or change your donation amount.

Don’t Know How Much to Give?

Some organizations might give your giving suggestions based on your daily cup of coffee. But here are some comparisons that John Wornall might understand a little better.

$5 monthly ($60 annually)

The amount spent by John on one sack of coffee in 1857.

$10 monthly ($120 annually)

The approximate amount spent by John on a coat and a pound of allspice in 1855.

$25 monthly ($300 annually)

The amount spent by John on 10 sacks of flour in 1858.

$50 monthly ($600 annually)

The amount spent by John to build a smoke house in 1858.