Camp Wornall/Majors




Join us this summer for Camp Wornall/Majors! Each Friday from 1:00-4:00 PM campers will dig into a different historic topic through games, presenters, and guided house tours. Sessions will be jam-packed with exciting multi-disciplinary activities. The goal is for our elementary-age campers to have so much fun they won’t realize how much they’re learning.




The Logistics

Each drop-in day takes place from 1:00-4:00 PM at either the Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd.) or the John Wornall House (6115 Wornall Rd.). Please see the descriptions below for individual locations. These sessions are open to children who have completed kindergarten through age 12.

Camp is $25 per session. Wornall/Majors members can register children or grandchildren for $20 per session. Registration opens on March 1. 



Sessions will be limited to 20 children to allow for social distancing. Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure your child has a spot.

Drop-ins will be allowed if space is available. If dropping in, please be prepared to provide your child’s health information, including the date of most recent tetanus vaccination and emergency contact numbers. Day-of registration may take five to ten minutes.

Register at:

Day-of Logistics

Please send children with a refillable water bottle labeled with their name. Water refills will be provided. A healthy snack will also be provided. Children should dress for comfort. They should wear clothes they can move in and can get dirty. Closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Masks are required for all registrants. For the safety of staff and campers, children who are experiencing any signs of illness or have been exposed to COVID-19 should not attend.


June 3- Gold Rush

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

See how you would have fared during the California Gold Rush of 1848 – where a few made a fortune and many failed.Panning for Gold

A fever began in 1848 when gold was discovered in California. Thousands rushed to the territory for their chance to make a fortune. The results forever changed the history of the United States. To help grasp the craze, children will learn about how people traveled to and lived in California during the rush.


June 10 – History’s Heroes

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

From Marie Curie to Matthew Henson history is full of people to admire.

Campers will explore the lives of eight commendable people from the past. They will delve into the printing process with Johannes Gutenberg before discovering gravity with Isaac Newton.  There will be someone for every camper to get excited about.


June 17- Historic Arts and Crafts

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

Everyone learns in different ways. Join Camp/Wornall Majors as we explore history through arts and crafts.

Art can teach you about cultures, time periods, and intersections of the two. During Historic Arts and Crafts day we will explore different arts and crafts as well as the people who made them. This week will be perfect for hands-on learners.


June 24 – Olympics 1896

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

Come compete as Wornall/Majors campers explore the history of the modern Olympic games.

Ancient games were resurrected during the Victorian period when the first modern games were held in 1896. Every two years history is made at the games. Campers will learn about the Olympics while engaging in events. Medals will be abundant.


July 1 – A Day in the life Civil War

Location: John Wornall House (6115 Wornall Rd., KCMO 64113)

Encounter the Civil War through the eyes of nine-year-old Frank Wornall.

The Civil War impacted everyone in the United States regardless of age, gender, or location. For nine-year-old Frank Wornall, the war even invaded his bedroom, when his house became a makeshift hospital during the Battle of Westport. Investigate what that day was like for Frank.  


 July 8 – Behind the Scenes at the Museum

Location: John Wornall House (6115 Wornall Rd., KCMO 64113)

Spend the day as a junior museum staff member learning about museum jobs, archaeology, and exhibit creation.

Ever wonder what is behind the closed doors at museums? Meet people who work in a variety of museum roles, then become a junior staff member of the Wornall House! Learn how to handle historic objects, think critically, and create an exhibit.


 July 15 – Kansas City through the Ages

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

Jazz, baseball, and barbecue, Kansas City history has something to teach from every era.

Delve into the history of our city through learning about baseball, trains, and barbecue. We will learn about the first people of Missouri with a stick game, dance through the 1920s, and hear about KC native Harry S. Truman. 


July 22- History’s Mysteries

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

Debunk myths and legends to discover how we learn about history.

How do we know what we know about history? Become a history detective to debunk common historical myths. See if you can discover the answers to your burning questions!


July 29- Victorian Manners

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

Behaving properly during the Victorian Era was an art form. Join us this week to learn the ins and outs of Victorian Manners.

A lady must never raise her dress with both hands to cross the street. Rather only the right hand must be used to lift. Gentlemen should never cross their legs while sitting with company. Rules such as these can help us imagine what it was like to be alive when the Alexander Majors House was built.


August 5- Historic Toys and Games

Location: Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Rd., KCMO 64114)

It will be all fun and games during the last week of Camp Wornall/Majors.

Marbles are just the start of what it was like to play on the frontier. Consider life in the early days of Missouri through the eyes of its youngest residents. Campers will become dab hands at hoops then create their own kaleidoscope.


Buds & SudsBeer and Music in the Learning Landscape!

Join us on the lawn of the beautiful John Wornall House on Saturday, May 20 for craft beer, food, and local jazz in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Stroll the historic herb and vegetable garden and native plant beds with a drink in hand while the sounds of jazz welcome you in.