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Wornall/Majors House Field Trip Activities

Fancy Cornhusk Dolls with Sarah Poff  (1)

In addition to tour cost, all activities and presentations are $1 per child, except as noted.

Contact us if you have questions about which activities would best suit your group. If you are unable to afford activities, some financial assistance is available for low-income schools.

Lessons with activity

Tour of the Herb Garden – historic uses of herbs (all ages)
How did people on the frontier utilize herbs in their daily life? See, smell, touch, (and even taste!) herbs from the garden.
Available at the Wornall House only – not recommended in winter months.

Traveling in a Covered Wagon – “load the wagon” activity (all ages)
What do you bring with you as you travel West? Learn what pioneers took with them, and then load your own “wagon”.
Available at the Majors House only.

Historic Toys and Games – make your own toy (all ages)
Find out what pioneer children would have played with, and then make your own fun toy.

Tea Culture in the Nineteenth Century – how people drank tea (10 and up)
View items associated with tea drinking, and sample a popular tea of the era.

Archaeology and Historic Places (8 and up)
What can objects found at historic sites tell us about the people who lived there?
Optimal at Wornall House, can be modified for Majors House

Slavery and Freedom at the Wornall House (8 and up)
How can historians use primary sources to learn about the enslaved people that lived and worked at the Wornall House?
Available at the Wornall House only.

Interactive Crafts/Activities

Butter Making (all ages)
Allergen alert: Children will come in contact with dairy products.

Candle Dipping (all ages)

Corn Husk Dolls (7 and up- children should be able to tie simple bows or knots)

Costumes/Dress Up (all ages)
Not recommended for large groups.

Historic Laundry (all ages)

Ink and Quill (7 and up)
$2 per child for materials.
Children should wear clothes that can get dirty or stained.
Allergen alert: Children will come in contact with berries, including all or some of the following: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Pony Express Relay (all ages)
Available at the Majors House only.

Scavenger Hunt (7 and up)

Yarn Dolls (7 and up – children should be able to tie simple bows or knots)


Please note all presentations are dependent on reenactor availability. We will do our best to schedule your preferred presenters, but due to our volunteers’ busy schedules, you may want to have a second choice presenter in mind.

Blacksmithing (7 and up)
Visit our working blacksmith shop.
Available at the Majors House only.

Civil War Medicine (7 and up)
Hear from a Civil War field doctor and see authentic Civil War medical tools.

Civil War Soldier (all ages)
Meet a Civil War soldier and see and touch his gear.

Open Hearth Cooking (all ages)
Learn how to cook using the open hearth cooking method. Not available year-round – check for availability.
Available at Wornall House only.

Underground Railroad Story Telling (all ages)
Hear inspiring stories of the Underground Railroad.



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