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Secret Kansas City: Author Event @ Online Event
Feb 20 @ 2:00 pm

Most visitors know all about Kansas City’s barbecue, jazz, and football success, but there are hidden gems and wild pieces of trivia around every turn in Missouri’s largest city. Is the giant Hereford bull anatomically correct? Can a seed that’s been to outer space still grow into a normal tree? And who really killed President William Henry Harrison? You’ll find answers to the questions you didn’t know you had in Secret Kansas City: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure.

Join us as author Anne Kniggendorf discusses some of her favorite historical stories from Secret Kansas City. In addition, Wornall/Majors Curator Sarah Bader-King will give attendees a sneak peek into the surprising history of an item in the museums’ collection not currently on display.

They Were Her Property: Book Discussion @ Online Event
Apr 8 @ 7:00 pm

Jones-RogersIn a discussion led by women’s history scholar Savannah Lore, we will work through the key topics of this book, as well as help attendees make connections to Missouri history and how white women related to enslaved people and the slave economy in the Kansas City region.

Described as a “bold and searing investigation into the role of white women in the American slave economy,” historian and author Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers shows that slave-owning women were sophisticated economic actors who directly engaged in and benefited from the South’s slave market.

Lore is currently Cataloguing Technical Processor at Mid-Continent Public Library and previously served as Archives and Education Director at Jackson County Historical Society. She has also worked with Wornall/Majors House Museums and LaBudde Special Collections at UMKC. She holds an MA in History from UMKC and has a special interest in women’s history.

Please support local bookstores! We recommend purchasing books from local stores like Rainy Day BooksAfterword Tavern & Shelves, or Willa’s Books. Most local libraries, including Johnson County Library, Kansas City Public Library, and Mid-Continent Public Library also have several copies in their catalogs.

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