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What Teachers Are Saying About Our Field Trips:

“I heard amazing things from all the teachers and
parents who attended the trip…Everyone wants to go
back next year. One parent even said it was better
than going to see the Capitol in Jefferson City!”

“I had several students who had already been to the
Wornall House, but they said they learned something
new. Thank you!”

Teachers love field trips to the Wornall and Majors Houses! We offer flexible field trips that can fit your specific needs and tie directly into your curriculum. A visit to either the John Wornall House (6115 Wornall Road) or the Alexander Majors House (8201 State Line Road) is the perfect way to enhance lessons on Kansas City and Missouri history, Civil War history and the Border Wars, westward expansion, women’s history, slavery, and more.

How to Build Your Field Trip

Choose a House to Tour!
Which House best suits your curriculum? If you are interested in a focus on the Civil War, Border Wars, slavery, gardening, or life on the frontier, the Wornall House may be right for your trip. If you are interested in a focus on the Pony Express, Westward Expansion, Kansas statehood, trails and wagons, or slavery, the Majors House may be right for your trip.

Large groups may be more comfortable at the Majors House because of our additional presentation space in the barn.

House tours are $5 per participant.

Please note: Due to major landscaping work, field trips at the Wornall House may have limited capacity and reduced activity availability. The good news: we’ll be bringing all-new outdoor activities to field trips in 2020!

Choose Add-On Activities!

In addition to a house tour, your students will love our interactive presentations and activities. Make your own butter, hear from a Civil War soldier, take part in a Pony Express relay race, craft a corn husk doll, and much more.

View our full activity list here.

Additional activities and presentation are $1.00 per participant per activity, unless otherwise noted.

Schedule Your Trip!

Advance reservations are required and can be made by calling 816-444-1858 or by emailing programs@wornallmajors.org. Need help figuring out which house or activities are right for you? Our staff will be glad to talk you through the process.

Arrange for Transportation!

Field trips to the Wornall or Majors House are eligible for Freedom’s Frontiers’ “Bus on Us” program, which covers 75% of funding towards transportation! More information here.

Worried About Cost?

We may be able to provide support for low income school districts. Please contact us and we can work to find a solution for you.

Wornall Majors House Museums
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The John Wornall House

6115 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO. 64113


The Alexander Majors House & Barn

8201 State Line Road
Kansas City, MO. 64114


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