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The interior of the John Wornall House Museum is decorated in the style of the period and has an extensive collection of objects and archives dating from 1830-1880. The museum has on display several pieces original to the Wornall family, including a fully restored 1867 boxed grand piano, Wornall family Bible and large furniture including chairs and wardrobes.

If you are interested in researching the Wornall House or family, or would like to learn more about specific collections items, please contact programs@wornallmajors.org.


The grounds of the John Wornall House Museum, although only a fraction of John’s original property, are very beautiful and open to the public. There are picnic tables on which to enjoy lunch and a path that leads around the house. An herb garden on the north side of the house contains many of the herbs that Eliza Johnson Wornall would have grown while she lived here. The garden is maintained by the gracious work of the Master Gardeners of Kansas City and is free and open to the public. 

2019 Alert: Significant grounds and maintenance work will be underway in 2019. Please exercise caution when utilizing the property and respect any cautionary signs.

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The John Wornall House

6115 Wornall Road
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The Alexander Majors House & Barn

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Photo Credits: Jeri Adams, Sarah Bader-King, John Browning, and Bruce Mathews