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Civil War Field Day – A Unique Field Trip Experience!

32128261950_bfac4ab8ab_kFriday, May 4: 9AM-3PM
John Wornall House Museum
6115 Wornall Rd., KCMO

Civil War Field Day at the John Wornall House Museum is a unique field trip experience that allows students to meet and interact with Civil War soldiers, surgeons, and civilians while on the site of an authentic Civil War field hospital.

The Wornall House, built in 1858, served as a field hospital during the Battle of Westport in October 1864. The focal point of the battle occurred at present-day Loose Park, one mile north of the Wornall house. Each side suffered around 1,500 casualties. Confederate soldiers commandeered the house in the morning, destroyed most of the furnishings, and knocked down the banister of the staircase so that stretchers carrying the wounded could be carried to the second floor. As the Confederates retreated, all their wounded who could be moved were taken away, and then the Union used the house for their injured.

Students will learn what daily life was like for soldiers, both on and off the battlefield, how doctors treated wounded men, and how the Wornall family was affected by the violence and tensions of the Civil War.

Field trips take approximately 2 hours (dependent on size of group). Cost is $7/student and free for parents/chaperones. To book your school or classroom, email programs@wornallmajors.org or call 816-444-1858.

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Photo Credits: Jeri Adams, Sarah Bader-King, John Browning, and Bruce Mathews